Weddings & Civil Partnerships


Here in the UK we are used to registering a birth or death and following with a christening or funeral, we accept that this is the way things are done.


Did you know you can also do the same for weddings and civil partnership weddings and it is becoming more popular to do things this way?


You will still need to go to the registrar office and state the statutory declarations with your witnesses present, sign the certificate and that’s it all done, (if you do this midweek it is considerably cheaper too) you then plan the wedding at a venue of your choice which DOES NOT have to be a licensed venue, with the civil celebrant of your choice who will have spent time with you getting to know you and your partner and then writing a beautiful unique ceremony just for you.


I am a professionally trained and certified Celebrant who is a member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, I work to a code of ethics and am fully insured, I write and deliver a ceremony that will be totally unique to you.  My service includes:      


A guarantee that I will only take one booking per day to ensure my undivided attention.       


I will deliver a fully bespoke ceremony.  I will meet with you and your partner and discuss every aspect of your ceremony with you, to enable me to write a beautiful personalised ceremony which is just for the two of you, reflecting your own relationship: past, present and future, this may mean I spend many hours writing your ceremony and I will provide you with a copy of the script prior to your wedding for your approval or for you to make any amendments should you wish.  (Unlike a registrar who will not have met you until the day of the ceremony and more often than not will simply deliver set words from a book)       


I will also be able to provide ideas and guidance for music, readings, vows and other symbolic elements to make your ceremony even more unique and personalised, and will allow religious elements should you choose them.

I can hold ceremony in your garden, your favourite park, on a boat, in a hot air balloon, on a bus, by a pool, in another country, in a marquee in the grounds of a stately home – the choices are never-ending.

One of my recent weddings at the gorgeous Talton Lodge in Warwickshire has been featured on Love My Dress


I will deliver a ceremony which is as short or as long as you would like.

I will spend many hours writing your ceremony and provide you will a copy of the script prior to your special day for your approval or for you to make any amendments should you wish.       


My fee includes all telephone and email contact with you in the weeks and months ahead of your ceremony.       


I will also attend the venue with you a day or two before the ceremony for a rehearsal to ensure everything runs smoothly and to choreography your entrance and stage your ceremony to ensure your guests feel a part of your special day and your photographer/videographer gets the best possible images of the ceremony itself and not just those taken afterwards.  


I will arrive at your venue around an hour prior to ceremony to ensure everything is just how you would like it to be.

My fee includes all telephone and email contact with you in the weeks and months ahead of your wedding.



If this sounds like the type of ceremony that you have been dreaming of please do not hesitate to contact me on 07793 357632 or complete the contact me page and I will call you