Helping you to create beautiful alternatives to traditional ceremonies

Wedding Ceremonies


More and more couples are wanting to celebrate their love in ways that is meaningful and personal to them.  As a celebrant I love to work with couples to create a ceremony that is unique to the couple and reflects what marriage means to them.


Your ceremony can take place at any time of the day at any venue that you choose.  The best bit is that the venue does NOT need to a licenced venue.  You can choose ANY venue you like! Be it your garden, on a boat, or in a teepee in a field.  Your only limit is your own imagination.


If you think I am the right celebrant for you, I will travel all around the country to officiate at weddings, however, I mainly cover Wiltshire, Dorset, Berkshire and Gloucestershire.


Funeral Ceremonies


I also work with families at time of bereavement to craft celebrations of life that reflect the beliefs and the life of the person who has died.  This might, if requested, include some elements of religion with prayers said or hymns sung.


My work mainly comes from Funeral Directors in Trowbridge, Westbury, Pewsey and Swindon, however, more and more families are choosing to seek their own celebrant and contact me direct.  Please do not hesitate to call me or send me a message and I will happily work with you to say goodbye to your loved in the way that is meaningful and memorable.


I cover services at Kingsdown, North Wiltshire Crematorium, West Wiltshire Crematorium and Haycombe in Bath.


Funeral Planning


I have on a number of occasions worked with people before they die, in many cases, years before they die.  I will assist the person is putting together their final wishes and even write the eulogy for their service, leaving space for the family to add their thoughts and memories when the time comes.  I often find the families learn something they never knew about their loved one - just because it had never come up in conversation.  It gives the person peace of mind knowing they have all their affairs in order and the families I work with say how much easier it has been to make all the arrangements, knowing what their mother, father, uncle, aunt wanted for their funeral, leaving them the space to grieve for their loved one.




If you would like to know more or just have an informal chat, please call me on 07793 357632 to discuss your needs.