My promise to You

To listen to you and what you need to do to say goodbye to your loved one

I have been honoured for over 10 years to work with families all around the Wiltshire area to create loving farewells for those they love, using words, music, readings and photographs to tell their story.  I'm not afraid to ask those difficult questions to get the best story I can about your loved one.  I am often told "I was really worried how our meeting would go, but you have made it easy, we have laughed and I have cried for the first time since X died"

Here are a few more words from families I have worked with...

"It was a great comfort to me the first day I spoke to you, the support and love throughout was exceptional, what a wonderful person you are"


"It was hard for me living so far away to get involved in the funeral preparatioins, but you included my little essay fabulously"


"I want to thank you so much for helping me in saying 'farewell' to  my darling John, you are a very special person, good people are hard to find"


"We can't thank you enough for the kind, suportive and caring way you have helped to arrange and lead mum's service.  We have all been so grateful for your warmth, thoughtfulness and dignity, this has helped us through such a difficult time.  Thank you; you are a very special lady".


I will not come to the family meeting with preconceived ideas of what you should or shouldn't do, I may make suggestions when something you have said triggers an idea, a reading or a song, but ultimately, I make your vision for your farewell happen.  

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