Renewal of Vows

Congratulations you are approaching a "milestone" in your relationship be it your 25th, 40th or 50th anniversary and you wish to celebrate the occasion with friends and family to mark the milestone in a meaningful way.  Perhaps you may wish to exchange new tokens of committment and do it in a significant way.


Reaffirmation or renewal of vows ceremonies are also suitable following a difficult phase of the marriage and you wish to re-committ to the relationship and cement your feelings for each other and/or the reunion.  Some also feel the need for such an event if they cannot remember the original wedding service either because they were "too young", had no say in the original ceremony, or it seemed meaningless at the time.


These ceremonies are arranged in the same way as a wedding but draw upon experiences in your life together to celebrate your union. 


You may wish to exchange new rings or other token or incorporate a symbolic ritual into the service.


To arrange your renewal of vows please call me on 07793 357632 to discuss your needs.