About Me

Hello, my name is Teri and I am an independent marriage and family celebrant and I LOVE MY JOB! In fact it’s not a job at all, how can you call doing something you love a job??


I was born with two ears to listen with and a mouth to speak and I know from the testimonials and thanks I receive from my families and couples how much they appreciate me being able to find the words they need, when they can’t. 


When I think about it, my training to become a celebrant actually started quite young.  I would love to visit my elderly grandparents (well they were old to my 7 year old self) and their neighbours chatting about everything and anything and this I now realise has enabled me to interact with people from all walks of life, this and my time as an Army wife.  My training continued as I raised a family and then eventually went back to work in an administration role in customer services and business development, again interacting with characters from all over the world. 


I have lived life’s ups and downs, I have suffered bereavement when my first born daughter died at birth whilst my husband was away during the Falklands war.  I was divorced after many years of marriage, and met my now husband Dave and learned to love again.  I am the proud mum of Kieran, Sarah and step son Joseph and grandma to Dylan, Penny, Margot, Zarla, Ivy and Stanley.  I am lucky enough to work as a part time administrator for an independent Funeral Director, and able to juggle very effectively my role as a family celebrant alongside this, with the blessing of the various Funeral Directors who book me to look after their families.  When I am not working I help to take care of my grandson Stanley who was born with Cerebal Palsy and will do so until he goes to mainstream nursery later in 2019.  I know I am blessed to have such a supportive husband and family and a wide circle of friends, all of whom mean the world to me.


It would be an honour to me to look after your family too; to welcome new life to your family with a naming ceremony for a baby or perhaps an older child you have adopted or perhaps you are a blended family and wish to celebrate this?


For couples from all walks of life, I write personal unique ceremonies to celebrate your love and your wedding day and when we have to say goodbye to someone much loved, I can help with that.  I have worked with people who know they are dying and enabled them to be in control of the content of their funeral service, I have also worked with families who wish to have a memorial service following a direct cremation.


Whatever you need to celebrate why not give me a no obligation call and see what I can do to help you?